Our Story

In Latin, antidotum means a powerful remedy or antidote and it comes from the Greek word ΑΝΤΙΔΟΤΟΝ (ANTIDOTON). This is the genesis of our name - ANTEDOTUM – and our intent is to cultivate happiness through healing by building luxuriously beautiful, plant-powered skincare with potent restorative therapies.
Antedotum draws on the proven power of 100% pure, organic CBD to transform your skin.  We believe CBD is a supernova plant extract that is one of the most healing and therapeutic substances available for skin health.  We pride ourselves in crafting the world’s most effective topical CBD and combining it with other scientifically-proven, best-in-breed ingredients to deliver products that are clean, safe, plant-powered and genuinely, transformative.
Karina Perez Marconi, Founder

Shawn Demehri
M.D., Ph.D.

At Antedotum, it is paramount to our mission, and our duty as leaders in luxury CBD skincare, that all we do be supported by clinical research and scientific evidence. We are honored to announce the appointment of Shawn Demehri, M.D., Ph.D., to the role of Chief Medical Advisor.
"Dr. Shawn", as he is affectionately known among the Antedotum Community, is a prominent figure in dermatological research. Dr. Shawn is a Principle Investigator in the Department of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
Antedotum believes wholeheartedly in the undeniable benefits of CBD and recognizes that it is an emerging science for skin health and overall wellness. As a physician-scientist in dermatology, Dr. Shawn’s research areas include molecular/cellular biology and immunology of the skin, UV protection, inflammation, pigmentation, skin aging, among others and now, with Antedotum, he applies his decades of skin research experience to the field of CBD skincare.
Shawn Demehri, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Advisor to Antedotum
Certified, American Board of Dermatology
Assistant Professor
Director, High Risk Skin Cancer Clinics
Associate Member, Broad Institute
Center for Cancer Immunology
Cutaneous Biology Research Center
Department of Dermatology and Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Our values

PROVENANCE. You’ll find us in Nirvana, nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, the beacon to America’s West. We are surrounded by unparalleled scenery and untamed wilderness. We love the pristine terrain of alpine lakes, waterfalls and wildflowers, the unhurried pace, the magical vibe.  This wild, pure place inspires us to bring you the cleanest, most pure products from the American birthplace of CBD.
PURITY. RESPONSIBLY SOURCED. Purity is next to goodness and is one of Antedotum’s guiding principles. This all starts with the lifecycle of our plants. Grown in rich, sustainable soil, which functions as a vital, living ecosystem, ensures that our hemp is healthy, thriving, and full of active plant compounds. Rigorous purity testing and official organic certification guarantees that you will not find any solvents, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals — only the purest and cleanest hemp extract is used in Antedotum’s 500MG CBD Complex.

Our CBD Complex

POTENCY. While it is paramount to certify the purity of our products, their potency and strength play an equally critical role.  Our 500MG ANTEDOTUM CBD COMPLEX, extracted from the cleanest flowers and leaves of our organic hemp plants, ensures that we can craft the world’s most effective topical CBD.  This level is exceptionally high in full spectrum cannabinoids, including both CBD and CBG, offering potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant benefits to soothe irritation, reduce redness, control oil and protect against cell degradation because of the neuro-regenerative properties. We believe in utilizing full-spectrum CBD, allowing all of the hemp plant’s compounds to interact, creating the “entourage effect,” impacting and boosting the performance of our complex.

Our Contribution

Our team is full of gratitude for the many opportunities we have been given. We believe people thrive within a company culture that demonstrates thankfulness and prizes humility, so for us, giving back, working to improve circumstances, and contributing to our community and beyond, is at the core of what we value. We hold deep convictions for many causes, so over time we’ll build a network of organizations that we will partner with and donate to, the first of which is The Posse Foundation. We selected the Posse Foundation because of their work with young people of diverse backgrounds, training them to be the strong leaders of tomorrow – the ones who will transform communities, our country and the world. Five percentage of Antedotum’s profits will be given to The Posse Foundation.

Minority Business Enterprise

Antedotum is the first CBD skincare company to be officially recognized as minority owned and operated with Minority Business Enterprise certification. Our Founder & CEO, Karina, is a proud Latina of Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage who is committed to developing and supporting economic equality across all minority groups.