Antedotum Elixir Skin Firming Serum
Antedotum Elixir Skin Firming Serum
Antedotum Elixir Skin Firming Serum

Elixir Firming Serum


Elixir Firming Serum Reviews

100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free. 1oz (30ml)


This serum is pure magic... a clean beauty grade full spectrum hemp-derived firming serum created specifically to hydrate and tighten your skin, taking years off! Say goodbye to bouncing between skin care products and say hello to the new highlight of your skin care routine.


Using our proprietary 500 mg Antedotum full-spectrum hemp-derived complex and combining it with Vitamin C, shea butter, peptides, and liquid crystals, this solution was built from the ground up to protect, firm, improve elasticity, build collagen and beautify you skin.

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Antedotum Press
Antedotum Press
Antedotum Press

How To Use:

- Morning or evening, apply to clean, dry face or neck area.

- Apply 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand and work in a circular motion.

- Follow with Antedotum Vital Face Oil for best results


Ingredients & Benefits

Proprietary Full Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD Complex - Completely natural, this complex is know to eliminate free radicals, preventing cellular damage that could otherwise result in wrinkles or fine lines. When used as a topical, the anti-inflammatory properties of this complex also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and encourages balanced oil excretion.


3-Glyceril Ascorbate - One of the most stable and powerful forms of anti-oxidant Vitamin C. Neutralizes free radicals and aids in the skins natural regeneration process helping the body repair damaged skin cells.


Tetrapeptide-38 - Peptides work by signaling your skin to boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity while firming and reducing roughness and scaliness.


Shea Butter - Whipped shea butter has a high concentration of essential fatty acids and restores the elasticity of skin. A powerhouse moisturizer as well.


Liquid Crystals - Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate are natural liquid crystals that “biomimic” the outer layer of skin. They work in tandem with the oils, peptides and collagen to reduce skin water loss - a must have in a serum.

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