Our Story



                                                                        Karina Perez-Marconi, Founder 




In Latin, antidotum means a powerful remedy or antidote. This is the genesis of our name - ANTEDOTUM – and our intent is to cultivate happiness thru healing by building luxuriously beautiful, plant-powered skincare with potent restorative therapies to transform your skin.


We have deep respect for the wild power of mother nature so turned to her curative botanicals to craft healing remedies that not only offset toxins that your skin is exposed to daily, but work to regenerate and bring your skin into optimal, visible balance.


Antedotum’s proprietary, 500 milligram-dosed Complex is found in all our products and developed in the United States and blended with pure, unadulterated botanicals and clean performance-oriented ingredients to make your skin happy and healthy.