Our Story




Derived from the Latin word Antidotum, a powerful remedy or antidote.  


Or if used in conversation: “to remedy, repay or reveal.”


Antedotum was founded on the simple motive to empower people to manifest beauty and greatness from the inside out.  


Finding the antidote to offset the toxins, elements and aging issues our skin battles daily was no easy feat. Couple and co-founders Christopher and Karina Marconi brought their knowledge from the luxury beauty industry to work with a team of scientists, together formulating a remedy against the world’s stressors that you now hold in your hand. Dark spots, dryness and redness have met their match. It’s time to reveal the youthful glow that Mother Nature always intended for your skin.  


Antedotum’s proprietary, 500 milligram CBD Complex is meticulously formulated from certified organic hemp plants, grown in the United States and blended with powerful botanicals and clean ingredients to provide an elevated experience for all skin types. Antedotum’s products are vegan, responsibly-sourced and third-party lab tested.


Introducing Antedotum: where science meets transformative skincare.