Many wonderful things in life happen by accident. At least this is how I have discovered the magical properties of CBD skincare. You see, my skin is very prone to dryness and eczema. In some seasons it calms down while during others it bothers me from time to time. I’ve hesitated to use cannabis-based skincare for a very long time until one day I tried... And it changed the
game for me!

Antedotum - is now my safe and effective antidote to seasonal dryness and dullness, that’s my statement! The powerful properties of CBD and CBG in their products make my skin glow naturally, better than any highlighter that I have ever purchased.

My nighttime ritual always starts with chill music, coconut wax candles and drops of Antedotum serum, and then oil on my skin and finishes by falling asleep between my favorite cotton sheets and aromatic sachets which I order from Capri Island in Italy,

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