Taking good care of my skin is very important to me and I am always on the hunt for amazing products that meet my skin care needs.

For that reason, I recently began using Antedotum as part of my nighttime routine. The benefits: Antedotum's products contain full-spectrum CBD which contributes to creating that healthy glow we all love. I've been using my products for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed that my skin is less
dry, and looks very fresh and glowy (can we say summer-ready). The products penetrate the skin well and they are also anti-inflammatory.

I have tried many CBD products but it never really occurred to me to try them on my skin. I felt confident giving Antedotum a try because their ingredients are tested and proven to be safe in the Certificate of Analysis. Full-spectrum hemp means that not only are the products CBD, but they also
have CBG which is the newest and more rare cannabinoid in skincare. Note that using CBD products on your skin will not make you high, but your skin will be softer, and glowy. Don't believe me? Try for yourself!

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