Antedotum - My New Favorite Skincare Product

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I suffer from rosacea and dry skin. My skin gets red really quickly and I have super sensitive skin. A lot of skincare products don’t work on my skin so I am really picky about what I purchase.
Antedotum is my new favorite skincare product for so many reasons! Let me start by telling you a little bit about it.


It is a plant powered skincare and they use CBD products, which I believe is one of the most therapeutic substances for skincare. I want to clarify it does not make you high! A lot of people believe that CBD does this, it does not. What it does do, is deliver powerful, clean beauty ingredients deep into the skin, while also being anti inflammatory.

They pride themselves on having clean products that are safe and work! So for someone like me, with sensitive skin, this is just what I needed. What I love about this company is that Antedotum invests heavily that all their products are safe and effective.

Products I Use

I use both the Vital Face Oil and the Elixir Firming Serum. The Vital Face Oil retails for $115 and the Elixir Firming Serum retails for $99, you get 10oz! So it will last you a long time. The first thing I loved was how pretty the packaging was ( I always look at packaging for products) and loved the containers they came in.

How I use Them

Elixir Firming Serum - The key ingredients are 3-Glycerial ascorbate, shea butter, liquid crystals, tetrapeptide 38 and citrus oil blend. This product is designed for all skin types and works great with my sensitive skin. You can use it in morning and/or night. I use it at night before bed and follow it up with the Vital Face Oil. You only need a small drop
and it goes a long way!

Vital Face Oil - The key ingredients are Squalene (Vegan), Argan oil, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and a Citrus Oil Blend. I use this one after I use the Serum, just one pump is plenty, which is why this 10 oz will last a long time. I use it at night but you can use it in both the morning and night for extra hydration. I may start using it both morning and night because it is designed for dehydrated skin and this weather has made my skin so dry! I love his product because it gives you that glow that you always want in your skin.

Final Thoughts

I have noticed a difference in my dryness and redness in my skin. I have seen a
significant improvement with my rosacea and roughness of my skin. The texture is light, yet oily, so I tend to use it before bed. There is a light floral fragrance that is not overpowering, it’s just right. I feel immediate relief in my skin and it creates a cooling sensation that leaves my skin relieved. I am even using it on my hands to help with their dryness (sooo much hand washing lately) I highly recommend Antedotum products and love the fact they have clean, effective ingredients in all of their products.

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