4 Tips for Buying the Most Effective CBD Skincare Products

The skincare market evolved in recent years to embrace CBD products due the ability to soothe and hydrate skin. Research has shown topical compounds found in the hemp plant, called cannabinoids, to affect the body’s natural receptors in the endocannabinoid system to help the skin look more luminous and youthful. Today, determining the best skincare for your specific issues is no longer a guessing game. When selecting the best natural products, not all CBD skincare gives the same results. It’s important to take an elevated approach to sourcing high-quality ingredients from conscious brands.

The most effective CBD skincare adheres to five standards resulting in products that are effective, safe and luxurious. You can also gain a wealth of additional benefits from organic CBD skincare derived from hemp that is responsibly sourced—a standard Antedotum is committed to keeping. To help you select from all the options on the market claiming to offer smooth and glowing skin, we’ve compiled the following four tips on what separates the best CBD skincare products from the rest.

#1: Buy from Organic CBD Skincare Brands

Our skin is the first line of defense against toxins and the elements. It’s a must to only use skincare comprised of high-end ingredients. In order to get high-quality CBD, it’s necessary to buy organic CBD beauty products. You might be asking, why is organic this important? The reason is the hemp plant is a bioaccumulator (so are mustard greens), meaning it draws toxins and heavy metals from the soil along with the nutrients it needs to grow. This hearty plant’s cleaning power could be massively helpful for the environment by restoring contaminated land. Our bodies, on the other hand, benefit from clean, pesticide-free products. Any hemp CBD grown under current industrial farming conditions could be full of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Our products only meet the highest standards from the seed to the shelf. Antedotum’s full line of luxury CBD skincare products include 500 mg of our proprietary CBD complex made from U.S. grown hemp adhering to organic growing criteria. The Elixir Firming Serum and Vital Face Oil are also vegan and responsibly sourced. You can always expect clean, straight-forward ingredients.

#2: Complement Your CBD Skincare with Powerful Skincare Ingredients  

The best CBD skincare examines the benefits of each additional ingredient to complement the powerful plant-based compound. You should expect the same care and consideration for its formula as any other luxury skincare. For example, squalane found in our Vital Face Oil offers another powerhouse element thanks to its moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Squalane mimics the natural oils produced by your skin helping regulate oil production. It’s also an ideal oil for acne-prone and dry skin alike.

Boosting collagen production to improve elasticity, our Elixir Firming Serum contains Terapeptide-38 to help firm skin and smooth texture. The serum also contains liquid crystals than “biomimic” the outer layer of skin, leading a collaboration with the peptides and natural collagen to banish dull skin. Used together or separate these two products are formulated to offer the glow you’ve been waiting for.

#3: Look for Full-Spectrum CBD, it's the Gold Standard of Skincare

Many brands rushed to join the CBD craze, resulting in a plethora of options promising to promote radiant, glowing skin. You can buy a range of products that claim to be made from isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD. Like Antedotum’s two-step system, the plant compound works better when combined with complementary botanicals. Full-spectrum CBD incorporates different parts and elements of the hemp plant, resulting in more anti-aging, hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Antedotum’s proprietary 500 mg CBD full-spectrum complex uses the entirety of the hemp plant's cannabinoid and terpene profile making the ingredient more effective and beneficial than broad-spectrum or isolate CBD products. Antedotum’s CBD complex is also a proprietary formula designed to use the terpenes and compounds specific to skincare needs.

#4: CBD Skincare Testing Results Should be Available to the Public

One of the important pieces for buying effective CBD skincare is testing. Transparency is key to know if a brand is meeting safety standards and if you’re actually buying quality, organic CBD skincare products. The reality is not all brands are transparent about what goes into each bottle or even how much CBD is available. Every brand should not only test, but ideally make those results available to consumers by sharing their Certificate of Analysis (COA).  

Antedotum remedies are third-party tested to ensure you’re getting pure, potent and protective ingredients that deliver results you can see. The CBD compound is tested in to determine the correct dosing is in each bottle of Elixir Firming Serum and Vital Face Oil, as well as each contains the accurate levels of cannabinoids. Look for our lab results posted on each product page to learn more.

Check out the shop to see how Antedotum’s unisex formulas are designed to hydrate and soothe skin with proprietary blends using the plant power of full-spectrum CBD.

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