Dispelling Common CBD Myths

8 days ago
For all of the newfound popularity that CBD is enjoying, many misconceptions seem to remain about what it actually does and doesn’t do. The short version of the story, for those who want a quick answer, is that CBD is not only completely safe but is also a highly effective therapeutic ingredient the benefits of which we have only begun to scratch the surface of.

The CBD Primer: What it is, how it works, and why it matters.

8 days ago
The reality is that as much as we know about CBD, there is still a lot to learn about what it can do for us. While it’s important to establish the basics, we believe that it’s equally important to dig deeper, to consider all of the research, and to ask questions about where our CBD comes from, how it was grown, and what its effects are, both internal and external. We’ll be covering all of this in our coming CBD series, and we’re grateful to be able to share this vital knowledge, so stay tuned.